Thursday, December 25, 2008

O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh Are About The Money

I have one thing to say about Democrats, they are really idealistic. Barrack Obama says it isn't just an ideal, it's a truth that we have to make happen. He scares the hell out of the Rich and Greedy set. Democrats in this election said, "We are going to spread the wealth." That doesn't mean they are going to take anything away from anyone's bank account, as the Republican propagandists would have you believe. It only means that the Unlimited Greedy will have to pay their fair share. THEY DON'T WANT TO DO THAT!!! If Rush Limbaugh found out today that the Democrats and Republicans had switched financial policies and the Democrats were defending lowering taxes for the Rich and the Republicans started wanting more income taxes and more government programs to actually help people, then, O'Reilly, Hannity, and Rush would be on the air immediately as staunch supporters of Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Unlimited Individual Freedoms for all Americans. They are part of the propaganda machine. That is where the word 'propagate' comes from.
Let me explain something here. There is a man named Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News and several other cable news networks. He did own Al Jazeera English until I and other bloggers made it public that he was using the same propaganda on both stations. While openly admitting that all the nonsense Al Jazeera English was broadcasting was extemist nonsense, no one was paying attention to the fact that the same nonsense was coming out of the mouths of all reporters of both stations because he thought he was safe, since he already has the "Murdoch Nation" convinced that Al Jazeera is a propaganda channel while Fox News is "fair and balanced". Al Jazeera even uses the slogan "fair and balanced" and I think Fox might have stolen it from them. If you spread lies on two channels, you have to convince the people who listen to each of them to ignore the other one.
This is what FAUX NEWS listeners actually believe, that when FAUX NEWS in the only one who has a different twist on an "Associated Press" story and they actually believe it is because they are the only ones being honest. They spread fear and controversy in the same way his father's newspapers did. They were tabloid news and he is now, he thinks the word news is just a formality to add in order to legitimate his brainwashing tactics in order to keep avoiding paying taxes and he will endorse any candidate that will act supportive of deregulation of ethics standards. One of the reasons that the newspaper and other news businesses are having trouble is because they don't really supply news anymore, they make it up. The controversy with Lou Dobbs being asked to step down brought up an interesting phrase that I am sure Dobbs didn't invent. He called OPINION INSTEAD OF FACT NEWS ADVOCACY JOURNALISM. Bill O'Reilly makes a big deal verbally of how the public likes it better when it is all opinion.
Here is my point, we can call it advocacy journalism, we can call it opinionated news, you can call it tabloid journalism, etc. but, what you can not do is make a story with isn't honest be the truth. That is the point. The news isn't supposed to be entertaining, it is supposed to be informative.
When Walter Kronkite used to sign off with, "And that's the way it is..." then we believed him. He didn't give twenty minute disertations on one subject, followed by five other guys editorializing about the same story and all of them openly agreeing with each other. I never saw anyone on that station fake crying or yelling at someone who is reporting the truth, talking over them, and saying things like, "Knock it off!" and continuing to interrupt them and then dismiss them from their air time without listening to their side.
OK, try to follow me here; this is the part I don't understand: How can the Rich and Greedy trick the poor Republicans, the minority Republicans, and anyone who isn't rich and greedy like they are? (This country was founded by Rich, Aristocratic, Deists that, by the way, don't believe in God, much less a mainstream religion(not Christians, that is a myth, they were deists that came her to get away from the church of England), White Slave Owners) that these people are getting the same benefits as the Rich and Greedy? The wealth of our nation was built from the work of slaves and other less affluent immigrants. Our Constitution was, almost like the Marx Eutopian Society, set up to end unfairness and phase themselves out. Of course most Republicans will never read Karl Marx because they have been told he is a Socialist, Communist, etc. Karl Marx was a sociologist and an author who happened to live in a socialist country. Otherwise, they wouldn't have stated that all men were created equal while owning slaves. The Civil Rights Amendment only added to what was already written. His theory was that there are only two classes, the owners and the workers. His idea was that EVERYONE SHOULD DO THEIR FAIR SHARE and GET PAYED THEIR FAIR SHARE and PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES. Rich people don't like that, that would make everyone equal and they wouldn't be able to take advantage of everyone else. So, they call the form of Corporatism that we have in the United States "Capitalism". If there were no advertisers, no lobbyists, no monopolies, no financial squeezing OUT of smaller businesses then, it would work the way it was set up. If one goes on some informational website that doesn't have a propaganda type agenda, like say,, they can learn what capitalism actually is supposed to be. "cap-i-tal-ism - an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth."
I had a sociology teacher that made us all describe ourselves as "something-Americans" (African American, Mexican American, Asian American, Native American, or European American.) She also challenged the idea that there was a Middle Class. That was, as she described it, a myth propogated by the owner class in order to make one who is worker class feel different from his fellows. She demonstrated how the Owner Class actually like dissention between the workers because then they were fighting amongst each other instead of aiming their displeasure at the Owners who actually are taking advantage. She also had us look into commercial advertising. I came away with an opinion that almost sounded like a conspiracy theory. But, if you watch who the commercials are aimed at, working class families of each cultural background are depicted in the commericals telling us to use the cheapest foods (that are coincidentally the least healthy), tobacco, alcohol, and spend money on traveling to adventuresome recreations such as casinos, amusement parks, etc. and all of which require you spend all your income. These are the same people who require 40 of you to pay their share of their income taxes so they don't have to. They always talk about how much money they lost. They are talking about projected income. That would be like you or I, knowing we would only earn 60,000 dollars this year, telling the IRS, "Well, I expected to at least double that, and so I figure I lost at least 60, 000." If some IRS agent was dense enough to believe us and let us write the entire thing off, then, hey, who will make up for it? You and I. That is who pays their share. OK, then, can you tell me what the difference between what Karl Marx described about the owners and the workers and this definition of capitalism is? You see, the people who run companies are allowed to let the company (under corporation laws) be responsible for any problems legally or financially while they get to take the majority of the money out and then pay less taxes on a percentage basis than their workers. So, once again, I do most of the work, you make most of the money, and I pay most of the taxes. Why?
Younger people may not remember a time in America when there was loyalty from both the employer and the employee. Holliday bonuses were plentiful and profit sharing was a common thing. If you produced, you made more money. Benefits weren't a matter of discretion of the employer, they were just understood to be a part of your job. Then we had people making money out of another form of slavery. Sweat shops and illegal alien labor were not common. They were actually considered a way for only the businessmen with no scruples instead of the norm. Now, instead of having a large family to work the farm, the farm owner buys unGodly amounts of acreage and hires people who will work for less than minimum wage and no benefits. The good old days had a large drawback. There was actual work involved. Opportunity always knocks, but, it usually comes disguised as hard work. Ask any legal immigrant who owns his own business here.
Slave owners had to feed and clothe and shelter slaves so they could continue to work. If all you earn now is enough to take care of those basic needs, what is the difference?
Morgan Spurlock, the author/filmmaker who produced the movie, "Supersize Me" came up with a television series called "30 Days". He takes on another lifestyle for 30 days to see what it is like. The latest one I saw tonight of his was called "Minimum Wage" in which the subject matter was selfexplanatory. His girlfriend came with him and it became interesting because they weren't used to living as "the working poor" before. They had arguments over money and the statement was made that people who make $25,000 get divorced twice as much as people who make $50,000 a year. Spurlock invited his brother's two kids to come and stay with them for a weekend during Easter. He was trying to give the kids a pleasurable stay. She got upset when he spent $1.20 for two sweet buns for the kids. She stated that she walked to work to save $2.50 a day and then he was just spending it all. The person in a relationship who is making more money than they other ususally feels they deserve to spend more. The person who makes less usually sees this as unfair. This was a good example of how and why so many Americans made get divorced. The main expense, of course was the two emergency room bills that they were given. Each of them was sore, tired and not feeling well after a few days. His wrist was aching and swollen. She was getting headaches and feeling run down. It turned out later on that she had a urinary tract infection. Between the two of them, their bills totalled $1,271.00 His emergency room fee was over 500 dollars and hers was 300 dollars, for each of them, just to walk into the emergency room. He made mention that this was ridiculous. Money may not buy happiness but poverty can sure create misery. We are the only industrialised country in the world that doesn't have government run health care, even though we pay over twice what anyone else does in income tax.
Minimum wage is preposterous even if two people are earning it and as long as the wealthy of our nation are more interested in trying to take it with them instead of being fair, then, we are never going to be happy.
I will refresh some memories and instill some wisdom in others who aren't as old. I remember when there was this thing called "the draft". In those days, the phrase, "War, pestilence, and plague meant something." The war part meant that the surplus population would be weeded out by our military. We didn't have an overpopulation process and during war time the "Chicken Hawks" loved it because the majority of the competition for all the good paying jobs of any kind was being killed off or at least stationed in a foreign land. Now we need to come up with another plan since that one wasn't worth it. If I start talking about forced sterilization, then, some will become angry and start talking about Nazi Germany and Euthanasia. The Catholic Church has created millions of extra humans in oder for them to tithe and carry the majority vote. Now they need to feed them instead of expecting the rest of us to. With advances in medicine and the health mindedness becoming more popular we are going to have more people living longer. Eventually we will be standing on top of each other with a few people sitting in their mansions and penthouses looking down on the rest of us and thinking, "My God, I am glad I don't live like that."

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