Friday, April 23, 2010

Huffington Post 04/23/2010 Article

((The beginning of this post was posted at The Huffington Post at I am so sick of obvious pro-Republican B.S. in blogs and columns in the Huffington Post. THP needs to pick a lane. This is sorry reporting to not have a mediation editor. The fact that John McCain and Jon Kyle have been fighting progress and causing the Republicans to argue on the side of Big Business is obvious to anyone with a TV. So blaming it on Obama is idiotic. Bush did push through initiatives that hurt us and are still hurting us. The war in Afghanistan being centered on Job Creation for people in Afghanistan while we lose jobs over here is STUPID and Arriana is being too polite. Republican leadership cutting our throats and calling it bipartisanship is nonsense. Bipartisanship is a myth. The Republicans in congress are childishly trying to make themselves above the laws they pass for us. How long are we going to allow them to do this? They are trying to keep business as usual in Washington, D.C. and yes, McCain was right when he said during his last campaign that Mr. Obama didn't understand what business was like in Washington, D.C. It obviously is about doing everything one can against the American Public for Mr. McCain and his cronies. I am so tired of watching idiots claim Obama is at fault for "not whipping congress into shape with speeches" when he has given them a mandate from the beginning during the election. I hope the same spirit lays the next congressional elections to rest with non-lying ungrateful editors in THP. Let me explain this one time. This quote, "...It's mostly Republicans who have been working hand in glove with Wall Street lobbyists..." and "...The protestations by the Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, that the Democrats are proposing a pro-Wall Street bill, have been ringing increasingly hollow..." do not sound to me like Obama did anything wrong here. But keep blaming him like he is in congress still. The fact that the Democrats have to allow Republicans to make us live with Big Business running our country while screaming about Big Government not having control, sounds to me like it's time for someone to understand the one word that has been left out of the Republican Strategy, it's called ETHICS and it won't be returning soon since Republicans have lost them. Tell me how that is about Obama being at fault. Delegation of blame isn't distributing fault, and that will show at the next election, and if they don't get shut up soon we won't have any real change in Washington and Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Rich constabulary (The title of a military or para-military type force consisting of soldiers trained for police duties.) that has ruled Washington is causing the idea of real reform to be a joke. Kiss our country goodbye, our jobs goodbye, and our prosperity for the working class goodbye. The idea that we can still keep living on credit was something I was complaining about in 2001 and now we see that everything I predicted came true and the Repulsive Ones are still blaming Demomilktoasts for letting them screw us. How does that work? Two words, it doesn't. Now, when we were told that we are living in a fascist country that lets businesses run our way of life and that we don't really matter, no matter who we elect as president, the people in congress who some idiots keep backing (I am talking about us tax paying voters now) despite their records on voting. They might as well vote for turning America into a Third World Country. That is going to be my next article on my own blog. I am going to write an advice column on street survival as taught by homeless people since a lot more of us are going to be there soon. I have one more comment. I am a Buddhist so I am obviously, with our tendencies towards being aware of the planet and it's people, a liberal who cares about the whole world. IF that is a problem, then brand me as Mr. Problem Number One. At our study meeting after Men's Division Service last Sunday, one of our members said something poignant that I wish to repeat here. It is perfectly legal and alright for people in congress to lie during a campaign, mislead the public, and just out and out any time of the year, bald face lie to the American public. Why is that? When Bill Clinton was attacked for lying and then the whole Republican Strategy for electing Bush Cheney and them tricking us into going to war with a country that didn't attack us over oil rights in the country next door to them, then, - when are we going to face the fact that LYING should be illegal? When are we going to pass a law demanding ethics in truth in Washington, D.C.? Well, to me, the excuse that, "Oh, well politicians lie..." is not OK, that is like saying, "Oh, drug dealers sell drugs..." and does that make it ethical? NO, and there won't be any ethics on either side in Washington until this stops. We are going to be a nation of stooges that actually do get screwed while letting the so-called "government" bodies make a pretense of caring about us. The people who don't want social programs based on the fact that someone they despise is going to breathe the same air they do while standing next to them in line for help is going become a mute point when we are reduced to the rubble of the first great depression. I want to remind those who keep voting for the idiots who stab us in the back, if there ever is a violent revolution, then I won't be aiming at them first. And before anyone singles out two men in the White House they better start aiming their cross hairs at the ones who actually make the laws and sit in the house and senate.