Sunday, December 14, 2008

Many Dollars and No Sense!

The auto industry in the U.S. hasn't listened to what we need but seems only to be interested in what they need. More money. The price of a car, house, and anything else that we used to consider part of the American Dream for us right now is ridiculous. While everyone debates what is fair, what is OK, what is intelligent, and what is feasable we are without jobs, money, health insurance, and a viable economy and I can't wait until another administration takes office. John McCain said himself that we are tired of doing half measures and merely hoping we get lucky. There will a lot more to come. Instead of the politicians treating our economy, which is saved from our taxes, like their own personal piggybank, WE have to decide what to do for ourselves. We elected someone intelligent for a change and NOW we have to wait until he takes office. In less than 30 more days he is coming. With the present administration still doing stupid things on a daily basis (Like today's impromptu, unannounced, surprise visit to Iraq to try to screw up something else before it's too late.) trying to make their stay in office look better than what it actually is. In my opinion this is; The worst group of incompetents that has ever graced the steps of the white house who most arrogantly screw up things faster than they can be fixed and don't admit to their own mistakes. So, what's next? Georgie Bush already tried to do some photo 'ops with kids again. While I was writing this the politicians picked up the same idea and are talking about refusing to bail out the Auto industry. Wow, this is going to be really strange. Let's just trash the manufacturing business while we are at it. President Obama, can you hurry please? George Bush even said he would like you to take over now. PLEASE, let us have someone smart in the White House.

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