Monday, March 22, 2010

United Health Care Passed and IBPOTR

Today the health care proposal that congress has been arguing about, oh, sorry, debating over for way too long, was passed. Janet Napolitano is on the border control setup and is working on handling an already present commercial operation that can maintain border security. I think we could take a lesson from the MinuteMen or at least hire some of them, they are going to be out there anyway. Give them a badge, tell them the rules, deputize them, and put them to work doing what they do best. Point fingers.
The MinuteMen organization has been ever present in the U.S. as much as the N.R.A. and many other self styled "awareness" groups. I have never heard of the Minute Men being racists. That might change as you travel down South but so does any thing else. But, one a positive note, the health care bill, chopped to pieces to fit the health insurance industry, finally passed because the majority of congressmen were told in petitions and emails that if they didn't vote for health care reform that we wouldn't be voting for them. Funny how that works, huh? And John McCain couldn't help himself but come on TV and tell us that the majority of Americans didn't want it. He is a stooge. The majority of the people that Fox News staged to look like they didn't want it, and don't really know what they are protesting, said they didn't want it, on camera, on cue because they got rewards for doing so.
They have got to make their lying nasty comments on the news and start crap with the Democrats over, let's face it, something that was a better idea than anything the Republicans came up with - so they didn't want it to work. The Republicans never mentioned on the news and I never heard Fox News mention it either, that they had a health plan. There is a reason we never saw it or heard about it. The one they had was garbage, disorganized, and would have cost us an extra 70 billion dollars and wouldn't have done anything to help defray OUR costs. Now to those who keep saying Obama hasn't done anything, I would like to say that this in one more thing he "hasn't done". In all seriousness he has changed the Auto Industry, The Banking Industry, and Wall Street, all previous to this. Our country might see the end of the tunnel by 2011 and if we do I am going to rub it in the noses of everyone who was listening to these idiots from Fox News, everyone of the idiots who listened to FAUX NEWS since they have been whining about money like they didn't spend so much that it caused the crisis in the first place. Rupert Murdoch is unhappy tonight because his tax bill just went up. He already has more that 40 whole families (moms, dads, kids, uncles, aunts, cousins, in laws, outlaws, etc.) can spend in a life time and he will have to pay taxes that he has been avoiding for decades now that the laws have changed and that is why FOX news is against health care reform. They are all Butt Puppets of Rupert Murdoch. Rush Limbaugh said he is leaving the country if this passed and all I can say is, "Do you need help packing? I know a dynamite airline who will find you an excellent discount and a whole lot of unemployed people who would really love to help you move your fat a** away from here. Just say the word."
I think I am going to invent a new expression today that seems significant. It is a label for those too dense to realise that when they vote for rich people who have destroyed their country and are not through raping us, that they are cutting all of our throats. It is I.B.P.O.T.R. It has to do with teabaggers and parasites who live off the government trough and yet vote for people who cut social programs. They are the same type of people who watch Professional Wrestling and believe it or at least allow themselves to act like they believe it, I can't be sure which.
The anagram stands for Ignorant (I didn't say stupid because I believe they are manipulated and ill informed by people who are subverting their ability to learn.) Butt (you know what is coming next) Puppets Of The Rich. IBPOTR. Simple. When you receive a tax break because you make less than 250 grand a year and still go stand out and protest against the tax changes for people who make over 250 grand a year, then you are an IBPOTR. Those of you who believe that a doctor deserves more for going to all those years of medical school, I agree with you. He has to know alot, therefor he is important. But, the ground he walks on isn't. I am talking about Hospitals and the way they bill for stupid things we never see much less use and if you are against us making them become ethical then you are an IBPOTR.
If the banks loaned you enough for a house that you couldn't afford so they could foreclose on you later on and take your house, only to refinance it and sell it at an auction after you poured years of your hard earned money into it, and didn't demand to know why they didn't just refinance it and let you keep your home, you are an IBPOTR. If you go to a professional wrestling exposition and don't understand that the whole thing is an extension of the Mud Bogs and invented to take mass quantities of money from rednecks, then you are an IBPOTR. If you pay to go to the Superbowl and fly to the town where it is being held, pay an exorbitant price for a room, paint yourself like a clown, and end up watching the game either in a bar or on a videotron in a parking lot and never get inside to watch the game, then, you are an IBPOTR. If you go to NASCAR races and spend the day in the parking lot having a "tailgate party" while buying over prices memorabilia, beer, and food while you are there, then you are an IBPOTR.

Are you beginning to understand? Those of you who spend your money on alcohol, tobacco, and foods that are bad for you are an IBPOTR. Those of you who spend almost five dollars on a cup of coffee at a designer coffee shop, buy a pastry, and do this several times a day because it doesn't seem to you that it is causing a hardship yet (you can still barely afford it), you are definitely an IBPOTR. (By the way that last one is something a lot of people do without thinking. They think it is alright to go to someplace like that five times a day, they might as well be smoking crack.)
The health insurance companies coupled with the Congress Republicans who act like every penny being spent on people instead of military funding for 300 dollar toilet seats are going to turn this country into a third world nation while stuffing their own pockets with money.
Look at this: The rest of us who have a brain and aren't desensitized to the world's problems are now ready to give the whole bunch of them up to the outlaws. Remember Bonnie and Clyde? Machine Gun Kelly? Pretty Boy Floyd? Those are the type of people which the great depression produced and the rest of the nation applauded as they stole the money back that the banks and Wall Street (mostly Goldman Sachs) had fleeced off of the American people for decades.

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