Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve

I know this might sound redundant because I have talked about the Federal Reserve before, but, someone asked me about who and where they are. The board of directors for the Federal Reserve System in Washington D.C. is listed in our phone books and on DexKnows as being at: 20th Street Northwest & C Sts NW, Washington, DC 20551-0001 (United States Federal Reserve) I put this in both Google and Bing maps and looked at it. Congress Avenue winds through the middle of town at that point but as it passes 20th Street North West it dips and intersects at the Nothern Corner at the front of their building.
My history with learning about the Federal Reserve is all that they tell us about it in U.S. Economics and History Classes in an good University in America. I have some personal insight that I will describe now:
The head of the Federal Reserve is Ben Bernanke (pronounced /bur nawnki)he is the current Chair of the Federal Reserve. There is a good background article on him on WikiPedia at Ben Bernanke and I would also suggest you read the articles at Economic Views and also Controversies_as_Fed_Chairman . Since he was associated with Henry (Hank Paulso) under whose watch the current financial trouble started, a lot of people don't trust him, either. The Federal Reserve System creates our money and sets interest rates. Only twice in several decades has a president (Bill Clinton was one)stopped them from raising interest rates in order, as they stated, to try to prevent inflation. Oprah Winfrey, the talk show host invited them on televison on her show, in kind of a trap. They didn't realise what she wanted to speak to them about, on the air, until the interview turned and instead of smiling, she looked straight at them and asked, "When Bill Clinton stopped you from raising interest rates again, then you said that you were warning him that if you didn't we would experience inflation. That never happened. How do you explain that?"
They replied that they were surprised and expected a state of inflation but the people who had predicted it were evidently wrong. They were then asked, "Do you mean all you are is financial speculators, not economists?" They answered sheepishly, "Yes, sorry." Their job, according to most working class Americans is to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. When we get an increase in wages and can finally say, "I am now making more money", they evidently thinking us earning extra isn't allowed because they raise interest rates which the merchants and manufacturers pass on to us and then the cost of living increases to make sure we never get ahead. Can you imagine if someone might actually elect a working class person to president? I, I am sure you are aware, am being faceitious since our recent president did come from a working class family. The American Aristocracy, which they don't call themselves, is involved in money businesses, manufacturing, arms, and petroleum plus petroleum products. The majority share of the nation's wealth was created back when slavery was legal in the United States and now we have someone who is at least part black as president. I never thought I would see the day. And, I would like to point out that the limit on "soft money" contributions that John McCain helped legislate with the McCain /Feingold Act became a problem for him in the last election, so now that he is interested in running for president, he and the rest of our Republican Congress let a supreme court judge do the one thing that they are always complaining about. Legislating from the bench. Now they can go back to legal bribery as it was before.
I am not a conspiracy theorist, I am an informed American. I interviewed McCain's information laiison about the McCain Feingold Act during the time they were fighting to get the American People to understand it. One of his key talking points was that as long as special interests could be in control, then, no woman or minority would ever see the inside of the white house.
There at the main office for the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve, as listed in the phone book, at 20th Street Northwest & C Sts NW, Washington, DC 20551-0001 (United States Federal Reserve)

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